Parents Involvement

We love for parents to be apart of our planned activities. PlayCare Daycare plans developmentally appropriate learning activities and learning themes. We always welcome extra assistance by lending needed items and volunteering.

For parents, there is a communication board (located in the front boot room) to provide information in regards to community, immunizations, entertainment and planned events.

Input from parents is highly encouraged especially regarding the care and wellbeing of their child. Also input about child guidance, our philosophy, activities, toys, equipment and nutrition. Feedback is greatly appreciated.




All visitors will have to explain the purpose of their visit prior to be let through the second door. Only clients are able to be in the centre to use the facility (phone, washroom, etc.) In the event a service worker will be present, management will accompany him/her during the visit.



Security / Keys

Play Care Daycare provides a highly secure environment. There are 2 secure doors (front and back) that requires key cards for entry. Keys are to be held up to the black box by the door to unlock. Without a key the door will not open. Keys cards are $10 each or $20 each if lost or damaged. Please report lost keys immediately. Lost keys NEED to be disabled so they will not open our doors. Keys are not refundable



Who is allowed to pick up a child

Only the persons that are named on the registration form will be allowed to pick up the child from the centre. Staff are required to photo I.D. irregular pick up person/s.

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