Our centers aim to provide an environment where children feel valued and respected. They are supported to learn self-control and respect for themselves, other people and property. We help them learn pro-social skills and conflict resolution strategies in order for them to be successful in their relationships with their peers and other people around them.

We see misbehavior as a learning opportunity. In our efforts to guide children to learn better ways to deal with problems, we use a hierarchy of strategies.

First, non integration strategies will be employed. Staff will try to prevent misbehavior by being proactive. This will include offering a rich and interesting program, keeping routines and rules consistent, exploring rules and expectations, making sure children’s needs are met and reinforcing positive behavior.

If, despite these, misbehavior persists staff will intervene by applying consequences (logical and natural only). This will be done by removing privileges, having a behavior conference with parent and child and in extreme cases terminating the child from the program.

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