PlayCare Daycare provides an ideal environment for children to grow and play, but before you begin the daycare registration process, we’d recommend visiting our center with your child(ren) prior to attendance at the daycare.

Daycare Registration

A registration form must be completed before the child is admitted to our facilities; this can be done online or at our center. After the form is completed, it is supplied to our director for review.  

At the first day at our daycare, a tour and orientation of routines will take place in our center. We still encourage parents to visit the center prior to the child’s full-time attendance. An hour or so will be sufficient for you and your child to be introduced to the care provider and the child’s new environment.

Admission Requirements & Processes


Parents/Guardians are required to provide a paper copy of immunization records and also any other information related to the health of the child, such as known allergies or other health issues.


Fees & Subsidies

We offer different payment methods for our services. We accept cheques, debit, cash, etransfers, and credit at a 2% charge (only credit has a 2%charge). Fees are payable one month in advance and tax receipts are issued after a payment is made.  

When enrolling your child, a $50 registration fee will apply which is non-refundable. Families with lower incomes can apply for child care services subsidies through the Alberta Family and Social Services programs.


Additional fees include:

Transportation: A $60 monthly fee for out of school care and kindergarten children who require transportation from the PlayCare Daycare bus.


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