In this day and age, fathers and mothers are busier than ever. Balancing work life and home life has become increasingly challenging for parents, PlayCare daycare provides a safe and comfortable place for your child/ren to be properly cared for. 


What Do We Offer?


Balanced Diet

Children are fed a nutritious in house made breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack. 


Qualified Staff

We have highly qualified, certified, gentle, and caring staff with knowledge and training in early childhood development. All staff are required to provide up to date criminal record check, child CPR and an education as an assistant, worker or supervisor in Early Childhood Development. 


Child Friendly Environment

Our facilities are warm and spacious with large and beautiful outdoor areas, large windows in each room that give spectacular outdoor views, and clean and bright rooms full of toys & equipment. 



Doors: PlayCare daycare provides a highly secure environment. There are 2 secure doors (front and back). Both require key fobs for entry. Keys are to be held up to the black box by the door to unlock. Without a key the door will not open. Key cards can be purchased in the office. 


Cameras: Playcare daycare has closed circuit cameras which are randomly safety checked daily and logged. 



We provide developmental appropriate programs from children ranging between 12 months of age to 12 years old. We offer a wide variety of activities like homework support, arts and crafts, science experiences, field trips, physical activity (including Yoga and Zumbini) nutritious meals and much more!


Our Programs

The teachers at PlayCare Daycare spend hours each week articulating programming based on the children’s interests and needs. PlayCare Daycare provides generous monthly budgets to teachers in order to execute quality programming for attending children.

  • Wobbler program: ages 12 – 18 months
  • Toddler program: ages 19 months – 3 years
  • Pre School program: 3 – 4 years
  • Kinder Care: 4 years – 5 years
  • Out of School Care: 5 years – 12 years


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