In this day and age, fathers and mothers are busier than ever. Balancing work life and home life has become increasingly challenging for parents, as it can also be difficult to find a safe and comfortable place where your children are properly cared for.


PlayCare Daycare, an Edmonton Daycare

Playcare Daycare is a daycare in Edmonton that will provide your child with all the elements to grow and learn, following our philosophy of learning through play. We are committed to providing a secure and safe environment with our trained and qualified staff.

What Do We Offer?


Balanced Diet

We give two nutritious meals in the morning and afternoon, changing the food menu weekly, and we post it on the information board for your viewing.


Qualified Staff

We have highly qualified, certified, gentle, and caring staff with knowledge and training in early childhood development.


Joyful Environment

Our facilities are warm and spacious with large and beautiful outdoor areas, large windows in each room that give spectacular outdoor views, and clean and bright rooms full of toys & equipment.



We provide a highly secure environment with multiple doors and a key card entry system, and we also provide safety procedures for visitors.


Programs & Activities

We provide age-appropriate programs from children ranging between 6 weeks of age to 12 years old. We offer a wide variety of activities like homework support, arts and crafts, science experiences, field trips, gym time, and much more!


Which Are Our Programs?

  • Infant program: ages 6 weeks – 12 months
  • Wobblers program: ages 12 months – 18 months
  • Toddlers program: 19 months – 3 years
  • Preschool: 3 years – 4.5 years
  • Kinder and O.S.C: 4.5 – 12 years

PlayCare DayCare: We Strive to be the #1 Trusted Daycare in Edmonton

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