Learning Through Play

The first years of a child’s life are crucial for the development of their brain and skills. Children at a young age need to socialize, collaborate and develop their emotional, cognitive, physical and speaking skills. This development must occur in an environment where the child feels loved and cared for.

Our approach is to provide a rich and stimulating learning environment through play where all aspects of the child’s development, interests and needs are thoroughly taken care of.

Entertaining Activities For Kids

PlayCare Daycare’s program offers fun and exciting activities for kids that will support their physical and mental growth through their different development stages. Children will grow and learn while playing and having fun.

We provide age-appropriate programs and activities for children ranging between 6 weeks to 12 years old, where they enjoy gym time, story time, arts and crafts, science experiences, dramatic plays and more.

Our Daily Activities Include

Healthy Food

We provide two nutritious meals in the morning and in the afternoon. The food menu is changed weekly and it’s posted on the information board for parents to view.


PlayCare Daycare changes the food menu weekly. This is posted on the information board for your viewing. Our center is a NUT FREE ZONE. Please be sure NOT to send your child to the center with any nut or nut products.

PlayCare Daycare provides 2 nutritious snacks. Parents and guardians are required to provide their children with nut free lunch everyday.

For infants, provide labeled bottles with breast milk or formula.


Resting Time

Each room at PlayCare Daycare is equipped with a quiet area that allows children to have quiet time if needed. Children can choose between taking a nap or do quiet activities like listening to stories, enjoy quiet music and more.

Rest/Quiet Time

Rest time is from 12:30 to 2:30 pm. Children not sleeping will do quiet activities (listen to stories, enjoy quiet music etc).

Our center encourages all children under the age of 4 to have a nap. Parents/Guardians are required to provide a small labeled blanket and a favorite stuffed toy (optional) for nap/quiet time. The blanket will be sent home every Friday for washing. Please ensure your child returns with it the following Monday.


Outdoor Play & Toys

Our facilities are warm and spacious with large and beautiful outdoor areas. We provide children with lots of toys & equipment for their entertainment and also outdoor activities if the weather conditions are adequate.

Outdoor Play

Outside activities will be cancelled when temperature is above 28’C or is below -18’C including wind chill, heavy rain, heavy snow fall, wind gusts of 29 km/hr or higher, UV rating of 10+, fog or tornado watch/ warnings. Please have children dressed appropriately for the weather. We go outside daily apart from the times when the above weather conditions prevail.


Quiet Area

Each room at PlayCare Daycare is equipped with a quiet area to allow for any child to have quiet time if needed. The area has stuffed animals, resting mats, blankets and books. Here, they will always be visible to daycare staff.



PlayCare Daycare toys stay at the center and the children’s toys stay at home. Having toys from home at the daycare is uncalled for and we are not liable for anything that happens to them.


Special Activities

Special activities can take place in our facilities such as the use of bikes, scooters and visits and fields trips with the proper authorizations of parents.

Safety Wear

In the event of a special activity where scooters, bikes etc. will be used, parents will be required to provide protective equipment such as helmets. Parents will be notified in advance. Children without a helmet and any other required safety gear will not be allowed to participate.

Visits and Field Trips

To enrich children’s learning experiences, PlayCare Daycare arranges for visits to various places such as community leagues, public libraries, seniors homes, shopping centers, fire stations etc. A signed permission form for every field trip is required for children to benefit from these special activities.


Parents are encouraged to participate in PlayCare Daycare’s various fundraisers throughout the year. Fundraisers will supplement costs for field trips, for example a trip to the ice cream store or an afternoon movie. Parent volunteers are always welcome (see parent involvement).



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