Drop Off

When leaving your child in our care please be sure to hang outdoor clothing and bags in the child’s cubby. Direct children into the appropriate room dressed with indoor shoes. Make contact with your child’s care giver and sign him/her in on the clip board provided on the wall next to the door. Lunches needing refrigeration should be brought to the fridge by parents (NO NUTS PLEASE).


Late Drop Off

In the event of a late drop off, please call us ahead of time to make sure there are no staffing issues. (example: children and staff gone on a field trip) Upon irregular drop off time notify the director in order to get your child with his/her group quick and efficiently.

Pick up

When picking up your child from our care please be sure to come into the daycare make eye contact with your childs care giver and sign him/her out on the clipboard provided on the wall next to the door. ***Children will NOT be allowed to walk through the parking lot to the parents’ car.***


Late Pick Up

If your child is picked up later than 5:45 pm a charge of $1 per minute will apply. This amount will be paid directly to the staff member caring for him/her at the time.


If a child will not be attending PlayCare Daycare during their scheduled time we require notification preferably prior to 8 am.

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